Top 8 smartphones in Kenya

Top 8 smartphones in Kenya is an article aimed to give a sensible review to any customer out there who is spoilt for choice.  At whatever point, every manufacturer is coming up with a new smartphone on a daily basis trying to woe customers from different parts of the world. My review gives you a list that is for the best mobile phone and a good plan for your hard earned cash.  This will widely help you save money on mobile phones and by offering imaginative review instrument to buyers, and they can settle on the listed decisions herewith. The reason for this review is also to help people understand different mobile phone prices in Kenya on different shops.  The best mobile phone vendors offer amazing scope, adaptable arrangements, and an extraordinary determination of top-and mid-level smartphones, all at a sensible cost.


In the quest of covering the entire year of new smartphones which is 2016, today, I choose to give you the best smartphone of 2016 which is titled TOP 8 best smartphones in Kenya. Indeed, these new upcoming smartphone in Kenya are from various brands, for example, HTC, Apple, Samsung, LG … Here in this article, we will find their specifications and different costs. They are numerous increasingly day after day coming up with new specs and in different names. Buyers can also have a chance to compare phone prices among top online shops like Kilimall and mobile phone prices in Kenya. At any point, this article will focus mainly on main 8 best smartphones in Kenya. It will be far updated to fit for both 2015 and 2016 articles. If it true that you are prepared to find the best smartphone in Kenya? First, go through this list!!

Best Smartphones in Kenya

IPhone 7

iPhone 7

IPhone 7  has made it as one of the top smartphone in Kenya today. With an interface that is pretty much beautiful before 2007, Apple is expected to pull out all the best of its design this year. IPhone 7 is one of the luxurious smartphone in Kenya that people are dying for nowadays. With iOS 7, it did it again as far as the operation system is concerned. Mac’s iOS 7 gave the portable working framework on a radical new look with some first well known Apple highlights for iPhone and iPad fans, similar to brisk access framework controls and warnings, programmed application overhauls, Apple’s AirDrop record sharing framework, and the brilliant iTunes Radio spilling music application.

The visual upgrade is a decisive victory that progressions in totally everything, from the typography and shading plans to multitasking and the common place symbol and catch shape over the whole devise. What’s more, would you ask for? What I mean with the entire thing is the programmed camera to the image application and even the configuration of the framework settings takes our breath away.

On top of that, it is preceded with scaling down of parts, for example, the processor is always lagged behind in accepting new commands. At long last, there’s a decent risk that Apple will have worked out on how to spare room with its 3D Touch parts, as well. IPhone in Kenya is a phenomenal well known by the elites and not the middle class as many may think. It’s difficult to say what this will not accomplish its battery life: I’d expect at any rate the same from the iPhone 6 (around 13hours in video playback test), yet you may see better execution because of a more effective processor and OS.

While there are a couple of prominent new components in iOS 7, the large interface is by a wide margin the most profoundly felt and most significantly changed at the cluster. Apple’s other new components do little to advance past what contenders as of now have done, yet make numerous ordinary smartphone in Kenya activities less demanding, and – once individuals get used to the new look – ought to experience a new life with the new OS.

HTC One M10


HTC accomplished something good with the declaration of the HTC One M9, and if you thought it would be the best HTC smartphone in Kenya yet, then you will have to rethink and reconsider. With the new M9, it is of late appearing and proclaimed as the best one available smartphone in Kenya now. It’s a great opportunity to turn our consideration to the 2016 arrival of the new HTC One M10.

There have been rumors that HTC has been working to make their next suitor on a completely new base configuration which makes our sit tight harder for the HTC One M10. It is most likely to happen when the discussions of this plan are through. HTC is the primary brand that rings a bell for other brands. With such stunning outlines in the business sector, HTC has characterized its class to separate with these astonishing plans and looks that are unique about some other portable maker as of now in the business sector. For the greater part of the buyers, smartphones in Kenya stands a point in the essential fascination towards the phone that anyone loves.

The HTC One M10 explains the reason behind the innovational changes that of late surrounded the company as a brand. HTC One M10 in Kenya is not well known and only the students that have embraced this race of HTC. With colossal changes that are supposed to include an entirely unexpected configuration, customers will be cheerful to know one year from now’s that discharge will be stunningly better. HTC has figured out how to give us prevalent specs, astonishing elements, and a completely rendered smartphone in a previous couple of years.



At the point when LG initially released the G5, it overemphasized it being the main smartphone with measured capacities. This capacity is to swap out and tweak certain equipment parts has been a long-term dream for portable clients. Like building a PC, you can redesign certain segments that are imperative to you or fit a specific need. Innovation is additionally progressing at a decent pace, and there are some driving mobile phone organizations which are propelling the advancements like Samsung, Nokia, Micromax, Motorola, and LG. They are the most driving brands following the time immemorial and have landed with the best interface gadgets giving the best in tech and principal in looks.

To utilize the component, you’ll have to push the little catch on the gadget’s left edge. The base of the G5 will pop out, permitting you to yank the connection off the battery, cut the battery into the new module and push it all back together. Since the battery is appended to the bezel, LG G5 in Kenya will do better more so to Kenyans in the upcountry where electricity is a big menace.  The handset shuts down each time you swap something out. This isn’t an enormous arrangement. However, it requires some investment to start up the smartphone after a switch, and if you swap parts regularly for the duration of the day, it can be a force channel.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

As you are probably aware, S6 is simply reported and going to discharge yet another mobile phone of 2016 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 is now uncovered with the gigantic arrangement of bits of gossip. Samsung smartphone in Kenya are in large numbers among the public domain than any other brand. The Samsung Galaxy S7 winds up in a marginally precarious circumstance. Samsung Galaxy S7 is a smartphone in Kenya that is taking Kenyans by a storm. Samsung is required a major win from the Galaxy S6 in 2015, which will go in the wake of rethinking the outline of its leader smartphone, yet you’re not going to get the same level of development again only a year later.

This implies the Samsung Galaxy S7 in Kenya falls immovably into the iterative camp, expanding on the strong establishments laid by its antecedent without fiddling with the triumphant equation excessively. Some will contend with this smartphone in Kenya and ought to be known as the Galaxy S6S, yet would they say they are correct, this will be unacceptable. Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the smartphone in Kenya that have stood at the par for decades.  I’ve put the Samsung Galaxy S7 through its paces to check whether it’s a commendable seventh-era lead or a simply nervy six-point-five portion. You can get this phone from any Samsung shop in Kenya today.

Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi Mi 6

We trust that it takes more than just good components to make a lovely plan. From precise work processes, clear hierarchies and familiar reactions, we believe that great outline exists in every tap, drag, and squeeze your make. Characteristic and instinctive, simply the way it ought to be. This is MIUI 6. It’s outwardly staggering, stunningly straightforward. Unlike other brands, Xiaomi Mi 6 in Kenya is a big achievement to the company. The Chinese have done a good thing to introduce this smartphone in Kenya just when the previous brands were taking Kenyans for a ride. It’s the beginning of another part. Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone in Kenya are doing great of late as Kenyans have been known for buying cheap mobile phones that matches their earnings.  Furthermore, with Mobile World Congress being not exactly a week away, it won’t be long until we get the full subtle elements on the Mi5.

In the wake of demonstrating to the greater part of the Asians, Xiaomi today is “Apple of China” as well as of numerous different nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and India as well. Xiaomi today has assembled customers from everywhere throughout the world and have enough certainty to battle the predominance of significant players in the smartphones market. With the late subsidizing of a Billion Dollars, the organization today is assessed with a value of over $46 Billion, and for a four-year-old organization, this is no not as much as expected.

Xiaomi is an exclusive company that is dreaming of being one of the worlds known brand that offers excellent mobile phones in Kenya, an Android-based OS, and with several worth to buy applications. What the company does is to add air purifiers, TVs, and tablets. It adds up a good cover and good Android for the best smartphone in Kenya. The company has gone to a great extent to offer its smartphones using good deals in Kenya.

OnePlus three (3)

OnePlus three (3)

Comparing the brand with the rest of the world without considering the level of this smartphone in Kenya will cost you much. The phone will cost you much more so on special mobile stores who are the reason that OnePlus decided to come to Kenya and made OnePlus a big brand in Kenya and that ever took birth in the innovation business. Awesome showcasing a combined list with the best bit of change and that is too the trustworthy cost of a large portion of alternate makers. Not many smartphones have tried to sell itself like OnePlus three (3) in Kenya. OnePlus is one of the smartphone in Kenya that is little known by Kenyans but with super specs. This smartphone in Kenya suits more so the youths in campuses and new employees.  Acquiring the genuine distinctive methods for advancement, OnePlus first came to limelight with the presentation of their interesting improvement technique. Streaming in the immense specs for their first gadget the OnePlus One, organization limited clients to purchase the gadget off the rack or any online store.

Maybe OnePlus kept their method for offering a smartphone exceptionally one of its kinds. One more test that drew out the introduction of this stunning advertising effort was low creation limit. OnePlus had it clear at the exceptionally introductory stage that needed to make it a worldwide brand however because of constrained generation this was not as simple as customers thought. The answer for their stresses was the one of its kinds namely “Welcome System”. This made them control the quantity of gadgets they needed to take off in the business sector. Shortage in the business sector for the smartphones went on as an incredible apparatus of WoM showcasing. Facebook was flooding with Facebook posts of individuals requesting likes from their funs.

Oppo Find 9

Oppo Find 9

You may know Oppo as that company that has taken up California as their base for expensive Blu-beam home theater frameworks, which have at this point picked a grant or two, yet the organization, entered an entire diverse ballgame turning into a creator of the top of the line Android smartphone in Kenya, including the most slender one at a point. Oppo Find 9 is in Kenya now!

With the current year, Oppo Find 5 is a brand from the Chinese company, started on 2004, and demonstrated that it can make world-class smartphones in the most competitive industry. This smartphone in Kenya is driving Kenyan’s crazy with its specs and low price. Has Oppo figured out how to compete nowadays? Any agile hardware organization can utilize Android to make itself known by slapping together the top of the line parts? Things like “5″ Full HD screen.


More or less, a smartphone is a gadget that gives you a chance to make phone calls, and additionally includes highlights that, previously, you would have discovered just on an individual computerized collaborator or a PC -, for example, the capacity to send and get email and alter Office documents, for instance.

Something that truly emerged for this present year is the emphasis of brands on the feel of a smartphone in Kenya. The majorities of us have seen new patterns in configuration and have seen how innovation has helped these smartphones advance. From a bent glass, flexible steel, lighter material, wonderful equipment and programming outlines, smartphones in Kenya have indeed come from far. There are even cheap smartphones that match our identity sorts as far as this review is concerned. If you like things somewhat more tough, then you ought to look at our rundown of the 8 Best Smartphones of 2016. The list of best mobile phones tends to change in every year as every year presents better models of mainstream smartphone in Kenya.


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