Why the PlayStation Suite is a great thing for Android gaming

Sony recently announced a software framework called the PlayStation Suite which will be a way to deliver games onto devices of multiple platforms including Android. This platform would be an application store for games and would lead to higher quality games being released on Android. With the current video game lineup of Android lacking in terms of advanced video games, PlayStation Suite will take Android to new heights.

Sony PlayStation

Completely hardware neutral

A significant step in the popularity of the PlayStation Suite would be its availability to consumers. Sony has, against all expectations, announced that the framework will not require Sony or Sony Ericsson hardware to run. This means that any phone meeting certain hardware requirements and having at least version 2.3 of Android can run the Suite without a hitch.

Although the games will require the usage of Sony’s special triangle, circle, square and cross buttons, there will be an on-screen overlay of these for non-Sony equipment. This would mean that while the hardware from other manufacturers will not have dedicated buttons, the games would still be compatible on it using the touchscreen controls.

Bringing a unified platform to developers

Developers are at a loss in the current Android Market as they have to compete with all the different types of games in the Android Market which also contains several lackluster personal creations. If Sony provides them with a unified platform for targeting their games mainly to gamers, developers will increase investment in the area and bring out better games.

Sony will also monitor the games to see if they meet a minimum quality requirement before allowing them onto the market. This will enable the games in the store to run on most devices that are running Android. Along with that Sony will also recognize the hardware that meets the minimum requirements of the framework, which will enable the developers to concentrate on the quality of games rather than their compatibility.

Strong brand recognition would also help Android

Bringing the PlayStation name to Android would be a great thing as Sony has already established its name in the video game arena. Apple has the relatively unknown Game Center in its iOS operating system, and while Microsoft does have the Xbox Live in the Windows Phone 7 OS, there are currently very few games in it.

Nokia has historically always been a very strong contender in the lower priced handset market. One of its phones, the Nokia 1100, has sold over 250 million units to date and is the bestselling consumer electronic device ever produced. Nokia has a complete monopoly in the lower segment of the mobile phone market in several developing countries.


Unparalleled brand recognition

Nokia’s immense reach in the mobile phone market has allowed it to reach a level of brand recognition that is unparalleled in several parts of the world. For several people from developing countries, the word mobile phone is synonymous with Nokia. This consumer recognition has helped Nokia in promoting its smartphones along with its cheaper dumbphones.

Due to this brand recognition, Nokia is one of the biggest benefactors of brand loyalty. For several people, upgrading from a dumbphone to a smartphone means purchasing another Nokia. In the developing countries, where mobile phone reselling is common, people prefer to purchase Nokia handsets as they are the only ones with relatively high resale values.

Targeting the newer devices at owners of older Nokia phones

Nokia has advertised its phones to those who have owned its previous handsets, which may usually be dumbphones. As several people have already had the experience with Nokia’s cheaper sets and have experienced their ability to keep functioning after extended periods of time, Nokia markets itself as a producer of long-lasting phones with high durability.

This advertising means that people from low earning brackets are ready to part with their precious income for a better phone, especially if it from Nokia. If the smartphone would be from another company, the person may not think it is worthwhile to purchase the device as he would not really be sure if the device would last him long enough. And as people from lower earning brackets are less informed about other smartphones, they prefer to stick to their tested brand instead of taking chances.

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