Blackberry Bold 9780 – The Most Enhancing Mobile Phone

Blackberry bold 9780

The arrival of Blackberry brand has forced other mobile companies to work hard and give tough completion to it. The Blackberry brand has automatically come in our mind once we think about smart quality of mobile phone. The most peculiar mobile phone that comes from the mines of Blackberry is the Blackberry Bold 9780 which has gained more popularity from the mobile users globally. Blackberry phones are available on different price ranges but if concerned to Blackberry Bold 9780 users can purchase it from online stores and offline stores. But if you wish to take it paying very less amount of money or free including lucrative offers and free gifts then must seek the network service providers which have helped out in increasing the craze of mobile phones among the users of UK providing different types of deals.

The consumers can avail different types of deals including Sim free deals, Pay as You go deal, contract mobile deals etc on purchasing Blackberry Bold 9780 phone. But the high in demand is the Blackberry Bold 9780 Contract Deals which let you to choose your desirable gifts and many offers including free line rental, free talk time, specific time period of messaging free laptops, music player, mind-blowing games and many more after signing the contract for a period of 12 months, 18 months, 24 months and 36 months. The Blackberry Bold 9780 with free gifts provides sooth to your pocket making you more economical.

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Blackberry Bold 9780 Contract phones are featured with all the novel features including newest BlackBerry 6 Operating-system, GPS system supported with Google maps for navigating al the unknown destinations, organizer, voice memo, FM radio games, music player, speakerphone, wonderful 5 Mega-Pixel camera for image capturing and video recordings, EDGE, GPRS, USB cable connector for seamless internet connectivity, messaging such as text messages, multimedia messages, email and instant messages, 2.44 inches TFT screen and additional screen features like accelerometer sensor and Proximity sensor, 2GB memory card to store all the vital files and folders.

So, get a Blackberry Bold 9780 phone as soon as possible and say proudly that you as well is a member of Blackberry.

Dell Streak, alternatively known during its development period as the Dell Mini 5 was released in the US on August 13th in a partnership with AT&T. It was a phone with quite a lot of hype, considering the fact that 5-inch displays on a smartphone are, to date, extremely rare. The device had Android 1.6 at launch but was upgraded to Froyo (2.2) by an over the air (OTA) in November 2009. The device has only seen modest sales to date. Several factors have led to the Streak’s dismal performance in the smartphone market.

Not sold unlocked in the US

blackberry bold 9780
A major problem that Dell received was that it did not sell the Streak unlocked in its home market in the US. The device came only with a partnership with AT&T and only their SIM was allowed to function on the phone. Although the consumers were allowed to use the mobile hotspot functionality without additional charges, the number of potential consumers of the device had reduced since its announcement.

Along with that Dell had marked its SIM-free version of the phone as unlocked while in reality it was just a phone that did not come tied with an AT&T contract. This left several disgruntled consumers and decreased the demand of the handset further.

Price and Portability
The price of the device at launch was also frowned upon. The device cost $300 initially along with a 2-year plan. The cost of a device without a contract was $550. Even at this price the device was locked to only AT&T. People were mostly unable to justify paying such a large amount for a locked device when they could get competing 4.3-inch fully unlocked smartphones for almost the same price.

The size of the device did not also fit the needs of several consumers. People mostly felt that the five-incher was too big for daily usage and wasn’t able to fit comfortably in most jeans. This hampered its portability. Along with that the weight of the device was also 220 grams which made the phone uncomfortable to hold next to the face for long conversations.

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