I put cutting edge resources into early stages of a new company. I’m a tech guru myself with a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Specializing in Computer Programming) from Harvard. I also did a Diploma in Graphic Design at Stanford. I’m likewise a mother to a beautiful little girl and a smaller boy younger boy. I am only a start-up person who has great confidence in living the better me. I don’t have trust in pre-arranging life or arranging future life at early life. I ought to be carrying on with our life how we would have preferred at present times, in this way we should not sit idle for whatever we wished to happen sooner rather than we expected. I can do it now!


Since we are all breathing, do not imagine a scenario in where there’s no tomorrow. On the other hand, I have been in this business one year now… then again 5 years after the set-up. Simply move now, step out now, and do whatever that makes you happy at any point. My most prominent success originates from helping other people succeed at what they are doing best. In the year 2006, i propelled an all Green movement group that comprises three regions, business to business, services, philanthropies and establishments alongside bringing on board ladies for settlement.

I believe in giving you a positive turn-around results that lead you into the right part through all that life has to offer to you. Realizing that everything happens for a reason and there is constantly greatness that surfaces all other circumstances, dissatisfactions and tragedies of life. On that chance that you are occupied with adapting more about my blog, please click the web address underneath. On a scenario that you need help in Marketing, Social Media or counseling for specific ventures, please email me straight forward.